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Female Escape Artist Videos

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10:48 Minute Video: Little black show dress and slip on high heels, cross ankle rope tie, wrists behind back, tape gagged blond

1:30 Minute Video: She seems perplexed at first ... ropes holding her knees together, wrists tied to her ankles. She wasn't really sure how to get out of this one!

3:40 Minute Video: A complex harness tied to the ceiling escape challenge. Struggle for us babe!

1:42 Minute Video: Silk lace top stockings, panties, short top, multiple ropes and cleave gag. First her wrists and then she is able to escape the rest of this rope tie

Valentia Shibari Hogtie
13:19 Minute Video: Bit Gag, Hogtied, Lots Of Struggling

1:22 Minute Video: Stripped to her bar and panties, cleave gagged and tied with the golden rope. The escape challenge is on!

5:41 Minute Video: Ball gagged and bound. Wrists, knees & ankles roped to the bar. Looks like a tough escape!

11:00 Minute Video: Pretty maroon dress and high heels, tape gag, yellow ropes hold her tight ... high heels roped

Eugena Couch Struggle
10:22 Minute Video: Tons Of Rope And A Gag

1:31 Minute Video: Red ropes, sheer corset style lingerie, tape gagged, lace top silk stockings, thong, cinched ropes

1:04 Minute Video: Roped, blindfolded and ball gagged ... time to see if she can escape her bonds

11:13 Minute Video: The hard part is not getting her wrists free it is the damn elbows. Valentia shows how flexible she is as she escapes this tie. Cute little bra and thong and sexy bare feet.

5:08 Minute Video: One thing about Delta is that she never disappoints us in her attempt to free herself from her ropes and gag. In part one she found the knot that she thought would give her her freedom ... but in spite of that she finds escape elusive. She arches her back and does everything she can to get those ropes off of her. Nice little white panties by the way babe ... in the end exhausted and spent ...

1:31 Minute Video: Lace top silk stockings with stockinged feet, bit gagged, a unique layered rope tie holding her arms to her legs. Should be interesting

1:32 Minute Video: Patricia is able to work her ball gag out of her mouth from this couch hogtie ... after that it should be easy, right?

10:07 Minute Video: Bikini Escape Challenge
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