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It's All About The Struggle!
To me it isn't the idea that she could escape but the incredible way her breasts thrust forward
and the way her hips moved as she worked the ropes, and the audience ... while making her escape.
I was hooked on the struggle ... that is why at FemaleEscapeArtist we say, It's All About The Struggle

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August 29, 2015
Fresh update!
44 images: I do believe she was already plotting her escape even as the final ropes were being cinched into place. Tape gag, very sexy lace top, black leather mini skirt, fishnet stockings
August 27, 2015
Fresh update!
63 images: I think you've got a long way to go to escape this rope tie ... and there is no way to kick off those high heels to hop around looking for something to cut those ropes off.
August 27, 2015
Fresh update!
5:01 Minute Video: She drops to the floor in an attempt to free herself
August 25, 2015
Fresh update!
53 images: Brutally tight rope tie ... her arms are red ... is escape even possible???
August 24, 2015
Fresh update!
10:04 Minute Video: Shibari Escape
August 23, 2015
Fresh update!
36 images: This should prove to be an interesting challenge. We flipped her table upside down, securely lashed her to the four legs with rope, cleave gagged her and stood back to watch the action
August 21, 2015
Fresh update!
45 images: Bound In the closet ... bit gagged and bare foot. The ropes are cinched on this hot little redhead, the gag is firmly in place, let's see you strain against those tight blue jeans during your escape
August 21, 2015
Fresh update!
5:04 Minute Video: Struggle babe ... let's see if you can free yourself this time!
August 19, 2015
Fresh update!
37 images: Lunch break challenge. I'm so glad that Margo wants to be an escape artist ... especially when she shows up to work dressed like this!
August 18, 2015
Fresh update!
11:21 Minute Video: "This is a tough challenge"
August 17, 2015
Fresh update!
45 images: Dominic was very proud of herself for this quick escape. Wait until next time babe, that won't happen twice!
August 15, 2015
Fresh update!
44 images: Red head escape challenge. Dark pantyhose, high heels, dress, cinched ropes and tape gag. Go for it babe


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